I took this picture at night from the deck behind our house. As I stared at the moon, it occurred to me that all glory is reflected. Perhaps when the graves are opened and we can finally embrace the Healing-of-All-Things we will behold Glory directly, but for now I think reflected glory is all we can handle. And it is enough.

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MIND FURNITURE / AN ILLUSTRATED MAP OF THE HEART (2021) / Ten years in the making, An Illustrated Map of the Heart is Mind Furniture's most satisfying outing to date. It is a concept album that tells the story of a relationship from the longing for love, the thrill of finding love, to it all going sideways and coming to an end. An emotional roller-coaster ride, the music is catchy and soulful, with plenty of time-signature shifts and blazingly transcendent guitar work. Mind Furniture is Jim Anderson (bass), Brett Barnett (keys), John Mabry (vocals), and Greg Miller (drums). Many guest guitarists round out the lineup on most songs. / LISTEN on Amazon, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Spotify.



I'm much more interested in people reading my books and hearing my music than I am in making money. So while I don't give away everything for free, I do give away all first books in my series, and you can choose to pay $0 for music. Just click on the button below to download lots of free goodies. 

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