About Me

I've been writing ever since the third grade, when I produced my first short story. I am a United Church of Christ pastor, currently serving Grace North Church in Berkeley and Our Redeemer Lutheran in Oakland. I teach world religions and spiritual direction at the Chaplaincy Institute in Berkeley. I sing for two progressive rock bands, Mind Furniture and Metaphor, and also write songs for liturgy and worship. My wife Lisa Fullam and I live in Oakland with our three lovely dogs, Judy, Sally and Billie. 


My goal when writing non-fiction is pastoral, not academic. I write books for regular folk like you and me who want to explore their spirituality and get closer to God. As far as fiction goes, I mostly want you to have a whomping good time!


This picture was taken in New Delhi on my first day out after a week-long bout of dysentery. Talk about skinny!