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New Mind Furniture CD: "An Illustrated Map of the Heart"

Mind Furniture, a long time fixture in San Jose progressive rock circles, has released its third album, “An Illustrated Map of the Heart.” Musical samples and purchase options are available at

Ten years in the making, “…Map of the Heart” is a concept album that tells the story of a relationship from the longing for love, the thrill of finding love, to it all going sideways and coming to an end. An emotional roller-coaster ride, the music is catchy and soulful, with plenty of time-signature shifts and blazingly transcendent guitar work. Rooted in the poppy concision of 1990s-style neo-prog, fans of later Genesis, Marillion, Spock’s Beard, and Pink Floyd will find plenty to love on this album.

Mind Furniture is composed of bassist Jim Anderson, keyboardist Brett Barnett, vocalist John Mabry, and drummer Greg Miller. Prog fans will probably recognize Anderson, Mabry, and Miller as 3/5 of the veteran classic progressive band Metaphor, which has released four critically acclaimed albums. Jim Anderson is also the bass player for Bay Area band Isobar.

“…Map of the Heart” features the Barrelhouse Jazz Band, guest vocals by Anne Feinsod, flute and background vocals by Tom Emanuel, and a famous rogues gallery of guitarists: Stan Cotey (Giraffe), Nick Karch (Bolus), Paul Keller (Hush; 3 touring band; Fossil), Jack McLoughlin (Oh Malô; Yella Belly), Chris Ogburn (Puppet Show). “An Illustrated Map of the Heart” was recorded in San Jose, and mixed in Toronto by Mat Kesselman. Artwork by Carol Bierach. / LISTEN on Amazon, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Spotify.


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