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Podcast: The One You Feed—Shamanism & Spirituality

In This Interview, John Mabry and Eric Zimmer Discuss Shamanism & Spirituality. In this podcast, we cover: John's book, Soul Journeys: Christian Spirituality and Shamanism as Pathways for Wholeness and Understanding; how life is messy for everyone and how we’re not seeing everyone’s entire picture; John's Shamanic journey experience of finding wisdom and healing; the upper, middle, and lower worlds as part of a shamanic journey; John's spirit animal, Panther; how practice and training our imagination can form relationships with spiritual realities; the importance of leaving room for mystery; how our culture reinforces that only what can be measured and explained is real; using the word trust rather than believe; John's morning practice of imaginative prayer, and his exploration into the different spiritual traditions and finding where his heart lives. / Click here to listen.

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